NucliART Automated Stool DNA Extraction Workstation

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AJ-Q9600 Multi-channel Fluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

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Saliva/Sputum Stabilization Tube

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Urine Stabilization Tube (Liquid/Tablet)

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Stool Collection and Stabilization Tube

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Plasma cell-free DNA/RNA Storage Tube

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Adhering to the spirit of innovationI, committed to technolgical breakthroughs, and in pursuit of excellence.

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About AJcore

Ningbo AJcore Biosciences Inc. is a high-tech company that focuses on the research and development, manufacture, sales and services of molecular diagnostics.


With the core technologies in sample storage and rapid molecular testing Ningbo AJcore Biosciences has developed a product platform that integrates sample storage at room temperature, molecular enzymes, nucleic acid extraction, automation equipment and supporting consumables, as well as a variety of molecular assays in personalized medicine. Ningbo AJcore aims to provide high-quality products and services for the partners in the fields of medical diagnostics, food safety and life sciences.